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Training, Leadership, & Change Management; LLC 


​The name "Training for Transfer" embodies our mission for training in one phrase.  Training for transfer describes the concept where the information, skills, and values that a student learns in the training environment are easily applied in real-world situations.

Accomplishing this transfer requires an engaging training environment that reflects actual workplace conditions where the student will apply that learning.  Transfer also requires that the work environment be prepared to accept and reinforce the student's new knowledge, skill, and values.​  Our team provides effective and proven techniques to develop training programs to successfully add to your agency's excellence through the transfer of training.

The members of Training for Transfer have been active trainers for many years.  Our mission is to assist organizations in meeting their training needs and add to the excellence of those involved in the training function.

Our experiences include providing a a variety of courses for trainers, developing specific lesson plans and training programs for individual agencies, creating and conducting training needs analysis for training regions and agencies, as authoring various training manuals, policies, and procedures.