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"Blue ICS: Command & control for first responders"

1-day course, 8 hours, POST Class #MI0017

This is a participatory class that begins with a discussion of one approach to dealing with higher risk calls.  This discussion includes the application of ICS principles to all levels of law enforcement responses to increase the safety for responders and citizens.  The class culminates in tabletop scenarios designed to give the student hands-on training in applying these principles using checklists and other management tools to more safely manage responses to various high-risk incidents.

One tenet of this class is that ICS principles can be effectively used by initial responders to increase safety for themselves and for affected citizens even from the outset of almost any call.  Towards this end, the "Blue ICS" class is designed for the first responder and the lowest levels of supervision within an organization.  Anyone who might find themselves a part of the command and control efforts of any incident, at any point during the incident is a candidate for this training. 

We request that students have attended at least NIMS IS-700 prior to attending this class.

If you are interested in hosting or attending this course please contact us.

We can also modify this course creating training and tools specific for your agency.  We will assist your agency SME's in building the tools to match your agency's policy and procedures.  We will then assist your designated trainers in running a series of tabletop scenarios to train all members of your agency.

If you are interested in an agency specific Blue ICS, please contact us.