This course is designed for  trainers who are building scenario based training for any topic.  It provides step-by-step methods that will significantly add to the effectiveness of all types of training scenarios.  Students will use their own real lesson plans and course ideas and apply the provided methods and techniques to enhance the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of those they train.   

Topics for this course include:

     Applying the 9 stages of the Scenario Arc

     Designing the scenario to fulfill specific outcomes

     Building instructions for role players and controllers

     Developing training safety plans

     Creating objective evaluation tools

     Creating a consistent debrief format

     Logistics considerations

     Creating safe, relevant, and realistic scenarios

Attendees of this course will be provided with a variety of templates and other developmental instruments to help guide the creation of scenarios. Regardless of the type of scenario being built, these techniques will add to student competencies.  The course is highly participatory and those attending will leave with the knowledge of how to build scenarios relevant to the challenges faced by their personnel.

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