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Train the Trainer

A Colorado POST Approved

Instructional Methodology Program Course

5-Day Class (40 hours)

Colorado POST approved for grant funding (Course #ID-0001)

The Train the Trainer is a week-long instructor development class that fulfills the Colorado POST Instructional Methodology Program requirements to be certified as an academy instructor in Colorado.

This course will prepare instructors to develop and deliver training in a variety of classroom and skills-based settings.  It is a highly interactive, performance-based class where students will have the opportunity to work with a small group, using the concepts presented during class to develop, document, and present an original training.  Students will also give other shorter presentations during the week.

Topics covered in this class:

     Trainer Liability                                                     A Process to Build Training

     Adult Learning                                                      Training Methodologies

     Presentation Skills                                                Using Visual Aids

     Performance Objective Development                   Preparation of Lesson Plans

All of the content of this class is based on evidence-informed adult learning concepts from both academics and work-place research and will prepare students to build highly effective training.