Training for Transfer

a Training, Leadership, & Change Management company

Training, Leadership, and Change Management (TLCM) staff has considerable experience and expertise in helping agencies with professional design and construction.  Offered services include:

Training Unit Procedures Consultation provides for the development of training unit procedures into a consolidated and professionally formatted manual.  This can greatly aid in resource management, continuity of business when transfers of personnel occur, adding to continuity and expedience in training programs and functions.  Click on the Training Unit Procedures Consultation button below to see additional details pertaining to this service.  

Promotional Board Assessments services include the development of relevant, meaningful, and defensible questions for use in an organizations promotional processes.  These can be designed to meet individual organizational needs, and include grading criteria or rubrics as appropriate to assure a smooth and consistent process designed to identify the best qualified candidates.  Click on the Promotional Board Assessments button below for additional details.