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Instructional methodologies

"Train-the-Trainer" Course

5-Day Class (40 hours)

Colorado POST approved for grant funding (Course #ID-0001)

The Training Methodologies “Train-the-Trainer” course is a POST-approved basic instructor methodology course that will prepare instructors to both develop training and to train in a variety of classroom and/or skills-based settings.  This class fulfills the Colorado POST rules requirements to teach in a POST approved academy.  It is a highly interactive, problem-based class.

Topics for this course include:

  • Trainer Liability
  • Adult Learning Concepts
  • Presentation Skills
  • Performance Objective Development
  • Process for Building Training
  • Methodologies to Increase Training Effectiveness
  • Appropriate Use of Visual Aids
  • Preparation of Professional Lesson Plans

Students should come to the course mentally prepared to work with a small group to use the skills presented in this class to develop and present an original presentation to the other participants.  Students will also give several shorter presentations during the week.

The course is pass/fail and includes written assessments and some work outside of the classroom.  Each student should bring a laptop computer to use when developing their training materials on Thursday.

Time does not allow for in-depth tutorials in each of the various forms of presentation media during the class, but instructors are available to provide assistance to individual students.