What is the Training Needs Analysis? 

Colorado POST rules require that an analysis of training needs for each region occur every three years.  To help accomplish this analysis a survey of training topics, courses, and equipment needs is conducted.  That information is collected, collated, analyzed, and provided to Colorado POST and each training region’s governing board. 

How is the survey conducted? 

The survey consists of questions which are designed to be relevant regarding training topics for Colorado agencies. The questions and topics in the survey were reviewed and approved by POST and the training regions governing boards. 

The survey is being sent to each law enforcement agency in Colorado.  It is being conducted through a website link.  If, for some unintended reason, your agency did not receive a link to the survey, please click the correct link below to access the survey for your region. 

Who should complete the survey? 

The surveys have been sent to personnel listed at POST as official representatives of their agency.  In some instances, it will make sense for the recipient of the survey to pass it on to a different member of their agency who is assigned to the training unit or oversees the training initiatives at that agency. 

Only one survey per agency can be accepted.  It is a good idea to seek input from members of your agency who have firsthand knowledge or experiences with trainings, but please consolidate responses onto one survey for submission. 

What are the dates and deadlines associated with the survey and analysis project? 

     Initial distribution of surveys to agencies:  October 31, 2019 

     Deadline for survey return:  December 6, 2019. 
NOTE:  Deadline extended to December 13, 2019.  This is a final deadline. 

     Tabulate and synthesize data from returned surveys:  December 16 – January 14, 2020 

     Distribute final documents to POST:  January 15, 2020 

Who can I contact if I am having problems with the survey? 

POST has contracted with Training, Leadership, and Change Management; LLC (TLCM) to conduct the survey.  If you have any questions or issues, please start by contacting TLCM.  The email address for TLCM is:


or you can contact us here.

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