Training Skills Development: 

The Tools, Nails, Bolts & Nuts for Law Enforcement Training

Colorado POST Approved for Grant Funding (Course #ID-0031) 

This course is designed for any law enforcement trainer.  It provides easy-to-use methods that will significantly add to the skills and effectiveness of trainers.  Students will use their own real lesson plans and course ideas and apply the provided methods and techniques to enhance the skills, knowledge, and attitude of those they train.  

Topics for this course include:

       Foundational Concepts that Need to be Applied in Every Course

       Methods to Impact Learners’ Attitudes

       Training Room Set Up to Enhance Learning

       Dealing with Student Mistakes

       Discovery Training

       Design & Application of Effective Training Plans

       Building a Rubric 

       Getting Better with Your Computer

       Effective Multi-media & PowerPoint

       Techniques for Greater Retention & Reinforcing Learning

Training goals for this course include increasing retention, providing for realistic practice, developing objective assessments, and creating engaging training activities and exercises.  Regardless of the topic, these techniques will add to the competencies of personnel.

The course is multimedia, fast-moving, and relevant to the challenges of law enforcement training.  At the conclusion of the class, students leave with real-life and highly effective models of lesson plans, instructional aids, and assessment instruments which can be replicated at their agencies in future applications.  

Student Comments:

Quotes from critiques completed by law enforcement students who attended Trainer Skills Development:

  • "This is exactly what I need."
  • "I specifically liked the technology portion to improve my personal use of PowerPoint presentations."
  • "Keeps me engaged and interested."
  • "Great info and useful for the application I will be using."
  • "Relevant!  I will go and put this to use immediately."
  • "Very detailed, complete and easy to follow."
  • "Excellent.  Best I've seen."
  • "All of my questions were answered."
  • "Very good course to help immerse someone into the training environment."
  • "I enjoyed the visual aids, the instructor's energy and all the knowledge provided.  Thank you so much!"
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