Law Enforcement Training Unit Procedures Consultation

A guided process to produce a Procedures Manual for your Training Unit

Cost:  The price of this consultation process varies depending upon the project.  Please contact us for specifics.

The existence of written Training Procedures can significantly enhance effectiveness and efficiencies of law enforcement training units.  This service will provide consultation starting with a basic template which can be tailored to address your agency's specific needs and goals. The template consists of several chapters which cover topics commonly used in training programs. These include:

  • Techniques for Developing Procedures
  • Approval Processes
  • Training Program Overviews and Courses
  • Documentation Procedures
  • Instructor Selection, Certification, and Authority
  • Grant Funding Sources
  • New Officer On boarding 
  • New Officer Mini-Academy/Orientation
  • Training Records
  • And lots more

The consultation provided is a "hands-on" event with training unit supervisors/managers.  The process will include the completion of an initial survey supplied by Training for Transfer.  The agency representative(s) and staff from Training for Transfer will then arrange to meet in person to develop each desired procedure for the agency.

One of the primary training benefits derived from this consultation is the development of written resources which will provide for accurate and consistent application of procedures associated with training at your department.  The procedures developed can be an invaluable resource for continuity of business even with personnel changes in the training unit occur.

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