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Training for Transfer Instructor Cadre 

Diverse Experience:  Our training team brings significant real-life experience and expertise in law enforcement.  Our instructors have held a wide variety of positions including department division command, SWAT team leader, academy instructor, state-wide training coordinator, CSI investigator, detective, FTO, PTO to name a few.  Our training staff has experiences in larger metropolitan agencies, smaller departments, and sheriff's departments. 


Training Expertise:  Training for Transfer instructors have a wide scope of experience in training law enforcement personnel in many disciplines.  These include skills areas such as firearms, arrest control, and defensive tactics; also specialty topics such as sniper skills, dynamic entry tactics, use of force decisions, and street survival methods.  They have significant time as trainers in basic operations such as report writing, FTO/PTO, interviewing skills, and legal footing, and have written hundreds of training plans, manuals, courses, and instructional aids.  Importantly, our staff has many years of experience in providing training to fellow instructors and training unit managers.  These experiences as actual trainers in law enforcement disciplines allows our staff to focus on providing fellow trainers with advanced skills that matter. 

Focused Skills Development:   Training for Transfer instructors focus on providing training skills and techniques which efficiently and effectively address real-life issues with practical and proven techniques.  Each class is designed to provide specific skills, but also allows for addressing individual issues trainers may face.  Our curriculum undergoes frequent review and revision to ensure that up-to-date instruction is provided.  The instructors are dedicated to creating highly interactive classes that realistically address the needs of those attending. 

 Our Instructor Team includes:

Tim McGraw

Tim has over 30 years experience in training.  He spent over 10 years as a Training Division Commander.  He has served on numerous regional and statewide training entities including POST Training, North Central Training Region, and the Colorado Association of Law Enforcement Trainers.  Tim was president of CALET and coordinated five state-wide training conferences.  He has taught Train-the-Trainer, Training Unit Management, Trainer Skills Development, Building Training Scenarios, Training Procedure Development, Supervisory Institute and Trainer Re-certification for over 17 years throughout Colorado.  He was chosen to present Managing the Training Unit at a national emergency services conference in Ohio.

Tim spent over three decades as a police officer.  His assignments included patrol, investigations, technical services, and administration.  He served as an officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, and as a division commander.   Tim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, with an emphasis in Social Sciences.  He has earned several graduate-school level credit hours in various subjects related to adult education and educational processes, along with an ABA Budgeting and Finance professional certification


Will Cochenour
Will comes from a family of educators and trainers and during his professional life has often found himself in training and leadership roles.  After completing his bachelors degree in 1999, Will worked as a police officer at the Lakewood Police Department in Lakewood, Colorado until 2015.  He spent the majority of his time working in patrol. Will also worked in investigations, special enforcement, training, and served for many years on the SWAT team.  As with the rest of his work career, he took on training and leadership roles while working at the police department.  In an effort to increase his effectiveness and knowledge base, Will attended the University of Wyoming where he completed his Masters Degree in 2013 in Adult Education with a focus in Instructional Design & Technology. 

Will has taught Train-the-Trainer (Instructional Methodology), Blue ICS, Trainer Skills Development, and Building Training Scenarios to numerous law enforcement agencies and hundreds of trainers.  He has authored a number of detailed training plans and programs.  

When not instructing, Will serves as an Instructional Designer for a front range sheriff's department.  He has developed numerous training plans, programs, and promotional processes, and coordinated several training initiatives for the sheriff's department.

Janet Larson

Before joining TLCM, Janet was the Training Director for the County Sheriffs of Colorado.  In that role, she developed and managed advanced training for law enforcement agencies in the state, providing more than 60 classes per year and working with 70 independent contractors who instruct in seven different skill areas.  She previously served six years as Manager of the Training Unit at Broomfield Police Department where she planned and coordinated all in-service training and the field training programs for patrol, detention, community service officers, communications and records.  In these assignments, Janet authored dozens of lesson plans, manuals and assessment instruments.

Janet also served as an officer for ten years at Longmont Police Department  in the patrol and investigations divisions and managing the crime prevention programs.  While an officer at Longmont PD, Janet began teaching at the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy in the areas of Crime Prevention and Community Policing.

These varied experiences have given Janet considerable insight into the training needs of law enforcement agencies  throughout the state.  In 2017, Janet was appointed to serve on the Colorado POST Curriculum SME committee and is currently the chair.  She majored in Philosophy at the University of Southern Colorado, now Colorado State University at Pueblo, and has received a paralegal certificate from the Denver Paralegal Institute.

Mindy Nace

Mindy is an active member of a Front Range municipal police department in Colorado.  She was asked to become an instructor after excelling in instructional development, showing high level skills as a trainer, and demonstrating effective leadership skills.

Mindy serves as an FTO and Arrest Control/Defensive Tactics Instructor for her department and has engaged in numerous training initiatives.  She has developed a considerable amount of training resource material for the Instructional Methodology Train-the-Trainer course.  Mindy has instructed officers in a wide variety of topics, and has instructed officers from numerous agencies.

Mike Wagner

Mike recently retired as a Division Chief at a Sheriff's Department.  He has been a trainer for over a decade, and trains in a number of disciplines.  His experiences includes being a training division commander for a department of over 350 personnel.  He developed a number of management programs, devices, and tools that substantially add to the oversight of agency training functions.

Mike is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Colorado Law Enforcement Officers Association, FBI Executive Development Association.  Mike has instructed thousands of officers and administrators throughout the United States.